Are you unsatisfied with your current credit card fees? Or skeptical of your processor’s customer service? Mitten Merchant Solutions is here to revamp payment processing for all kinds of businesses. We have a combined experience of over 20 years of providing customized solutions that help reduce or eliminate credit card processing fees with no contracts!


Bringing Payment Processing Solutions For Small Businesses Nationwide Based On Trust And Integrity


Business payment solutions are rapidly evolving. There are various credit card, mobile, physical storefront, or virtual payment solutions in today’s economic landscape. To stay abreast of the changes and conduct secure transactions, your business needs convenient, affordable and secure payment processing solutions.

Mitten Merchant Solutions provides businesses with competitive credit card processing rates and stress-free merchant accounts. We take it further by giving you a FREE cost-saving analysis. Your business success is our top priority. Trust us to become your payment consultant so you can run your business stress-free.

We are on a mission to help small businesses receive payments quickly with little or no processing fees. Try us to find it out yourselves!


Mitten Merchant Solutions serves various types of businesses across several industries. Our clients include Restaurants, Gyms/Fitness Studios, Retail Shops, Automotive Industries, Barbershops/Salons, and more. We also extend our services to E-Commerce and High-Risk Merchants, including Nutraceuticals, MLM, and CBD Merchants. If your business is not covered under these categories, no problem. You can contact us, and we’ll help you find the right solutions for credit card or ACH payments.


The Cash Discount Program allows business owners to pass the credit card processing fee to their customers. The business informs customers that all advertised prices are cash prices and will incur a 4% non-cash adjustment if paid through a credit card. So, unless customers are paying with cash, the final price of the transaction will be 4% more. This maximizes savings and eliminates almost 100% of the processing fee. The goal of the Cash Discount Program is to promote cash payments from customers as opposed to credit card payments. In this way, the fees is eliminated for the merchant, and customers save by paying with cash.

Our Referral Program

Do you know business owners who can benefit from our payment processing solutions?

Mitten Merchant Solutions has a great revenue-sharing program allowing you to diversify your income streams. All you have to do is introduce us to other business owners.

We value our clients by striving to build long-term relationships!


At Mitten Merchant Solutions, we place the highest emphasis on trust and communication to build long-lasting business relationships. In collaboration with our partners, we bring the best solutions for you to accept credit card payments. We also provide other merchant services, including payroll, buy now pay later option, and Business Loans.


We know you may have questions and are prepared to answer them. We love hearing from our customers and going the extra mile to build long-lasting relationships. You can contact us through one of our social media handles or send us your query using the form on our website. One of our agents will contact you immediately to determine the optimal solution for your business to help reduce or eliminate credit card processing fees. We also offer other merchant solutions like payroll and buy now, pay later options, and Business Loans. Find out which solutions are best for your unique business needs.